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Dot had a day off!

Dot had a day off of Training today. So we just kicked back and took it easy eating candy, apples and carrots. She didn't share at all ! I thank God and Bob for this beauty, what a girl....

Dreams do come True: Broadway Melody

I looked two years for this horse! She is perfect for me. Since I am not the best rider, she is helping me to ride and be a confident rider. I have learned Godly principles riding this horse, like not focusing on the negative or the mountains. Because the more I focused on a area the worse it got. I never thought that center riding was so much work. I have a Great Trainer that has the patience and doesn't make me feel nervous. I am believing by this spring I will be ready to show her. I know it will take hard work, but we just started to connect the last two weeks. I have only owned her about 3 months.

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